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We educate accounting professionals like you who are proficient in finance and numbers but still need guidance with YOUR financial planning, investments and insurance. You need to plan for aging parents, your kid’s education, death, and disability. You want plans that will work. But who can you turn to? The answer is CPA Allies. An independent registered investment advisory (RIA) firm founded in 2016, CPA Allies proudly serves the fiduciary needs of accountants and CPA firms in the Greater Atlanta area and nationally as a trusted, unbiased and private partner. We are dedicated to always acting in your best interest while maintaining full transparency and providing conflict-free guidance throughout our relationship. Additionally, for those accountants working at larger companies or accounting firms, we are immensely helpful while navigating important monetary decisions throughout your career. Our goal is to secure your peace of mind today and tomorrow. We are your true ally in the personal finance world.

Meet Jeff 

Here’s who we live to work with:


TM and I shared responsibilities while serving on the board of NABA and became good friends. TM shared that she needed help with an investment account. “It’s just sitting there – I really need to do something with it, Jeff. But how do I do it?” After our conversation, a light bulb went off for me. How many other CPAs and accounting professionals have these same issues? After all, their job isn’t to know about retirement accounts or even investments. TM became my first client for CPA Allies. After I helped her with her retirement problem, she started introducing me to some of her friends and coworkers, and CPA Allies started exploding! I love being a helpful resource to well-deserving people like TM and her friends.


TM* | Current Client

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DH was an older client I helped while working at Mutual of Omaha. DH and I had a great rapport. Her husband had always been apprehensive about adding on more insurance, but I made a real connection with them, and they knew that I had their best interest at heart. Sadly, DH passed away towards the end of 2021 – just a few days before Thanksgiving. When she passed away, her daughter called and told me everything that happened leading up to her passing. I told her what she needed to do to file the death claim. She shared something amazing with me. Before her mom passed away, she created a handwritten list of things for her daughter to do. On this list, I was #3. Her instructions said: “Please call Jeff Morris. He handles our insurance – and he’s a really good friend of ours.” DH didn’t just see me as another professional service businessman; she saw me as a friend of the family. That simple note melted my heart. I asked the daughter to please send the handwritten list to me. I keep it tacked to my bulletin board in my office to this day to remind me of why I do what I do day in and day out. It’s for the DHs of the world.


DH* | Current Client

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I met MJ, a business owner, at church. At the time, MJ’s wife managed the finances for his family. Today, I handle everything for them – from protection to investments. One Saturday night, I was working on a project in my garage when MJ called. “I’m coming into some money,” he said, “and you’re the only person I trust. What should I do?” It felt amazing to know that he entrusted me with this great news and that he wanted me to advise him on what to do with a large influx of cash. Understanding the importance of controlling your finances and making your money work for you is gratifying. That’s why I do what I do.


MJ* | Current Client

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While serving as President of National Association of Black Accountants (NABA), I met KJ, a brilliant NABA member and the owner of a CPA firm. We stayed in touch, and I added her to my newsletter and sent weekly nuggets of personal finance news I send to everyone I meet. Two years later, KJ called me to say her advisor wasn’t serving her well and didn’t follow up on conversations. KJ felt neglected and lost. KJ and I met for her initial consultation. She shared some of her financials, and I created a personalized plan to help her reach her financial goals. KJ has become one of CPA Allies’ biggest clients. She loves that we meet regularly and that her portfolio has grown. KJ is happy with her financial plan. She is the type of client we love to work with at CPA Allies.


KJ* | Current Client

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*Fictitious initials used to protect client’s identity. The stories, however, are real.